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The perfect hotel management system software to streamline the day-to-day operations of your hotel and serve your guests more efficiently!

Cloud Hotel ERP is robust, flexible, and configurable cloud system of essential tools to manage and monitor all your business tasks under one umbrella. The centralized database will provide real-time data for all departments and it makes true collaboration possible.

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All-in-One Hotel Management System Software

Whether it is a single hotel or a chain of hotels, this single cloud-based platform will help you to manage and monitor all your business and operational processes from a single point. With one log-in, you can access the information including reservation calendar, revenue report, channel manager, CRM, guest feedback and housekeeping, etc. from anywhere in the world using any device with internet connection.

Unique Features of Our Hotel Management System Software


Cloud Hotel ERP is highly flexible and configurable and it can be tailored to the unique needs of your business. It can also meet the ever-changing needs of your growing hotel. This single solution can be personalized and scaled


The intuitive user-interface of the software makes it possible for your staff to master the software easily. Your staff can be trained to use the software in a very short time. You can also get information and data about the status of different operations with few clicks.


When your hotel grows, Cloud Hotel ERP can be scaled up to meet the new requirements. You can add additional functions, features, and even modules to make the hotel management software facilitate the growth.

User Roles

You can create different roles with different levels of accessibility for your staff which helps you to restrict the access to sensitive data. The controlled privileges also help your staff not to be overwhelmed by the extensive range of functions and features of the system.

Benefits of Using Hotel Management Software

Streamlined Processes

You can eliminate repetitive tasks, unnecessary steps and simplify the operation to achieve higher productivity and decrease the operation cost. You can considerably reduce the amount of time required to do each task and lessen the chance of errors and delays


You can access the hotel management software from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on business trip, a family vacation or resting at home, you can monitor and manage the operations of your hotel using your laptop or smartphone.

Better Collaboration

Real-time collaboration among different department or sections become possible as the data fed into hotel management system software is centralized and consistent. Every department gets the real-time data which make collaboration easier.

Better Guest Experience

You can provide better service to your guests if you have hotel management software to manage the tasks. This automatically improves the quality of your service and enhances the guest experience. The seamless check-in, checkout and payment experience make them love you.

Online Distribution of Inventory

You can distribute available rooms among the online travel agents so that their customers can book your rooms via their website. It increases your reach and brings more customers using third parties. The booking is synced with your database so it will be updated on your reservation calendar.

Seamless Booking Experience with Hotel Reservation System Software

The hotel management system offers a painless booking experience for your guests. Whether your customers are using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, they require minimal effort to complete the booking process.

The booking form on your hotel’s website, mobile app and affiliate websites like MakeMyTrip are unified with the booking engine of the hotel management software. It will help you to attract more customers and increase your revenue like never before.

The reservations through the different platforms are automatically synced with the database. It will be updated in real-time on all platforms. Everyone gets the up-to-date information about the reservations.

To make the payment easier for you and your guests, we have integrated all popular payment gateways into the hotel management system.

The reservation dashboard of this hotel reservation system software will help you add new reservation or remove reservations manually if you need it. You can also retrieve the information about the status of rooms and reservations within seconds and view them in a calendar to quickly understand it.

The information about the availability of the rooms will be automatically updated after booking, check-in, and check-out. You will never have to worry about the hassle of booking and reservation if you have the Cloud Hotel ERP to assist you.

Why You Need Hotel Property Management System

The regular software you use for managing various tasks may be better than the long-gone manual paperwork. But it is not the best way of doing things.

That is where a hotel property management system comes into play. It acts as the centralized platform to manage all the operations of your business.

Hotel management systems are equipped with different modules to manage all day-to-day operations of your hotel. It is a single suite or a single window where you can manage, administer and monitor all activities and tasks related to your hotel.

It provides a booking engine for your guests to book available rooms or seats in the restaurant. Then it allows your front-office staff to enter the details of the check-in and check-out. Your staff can also keep track of the housekeeping work so that they can give better service to your guests.

It also allows you to create profiles of your clients. It will help you to provide special discounts for particular clients or frequent guests.

Since the data of each department in your company are fed to centralized database, it allows different departments to get the real-time data and information.

If you are using regular software, any department in your company won’t get the most up-to-date data. By the time a file shared by the department A reaches department B, the data will be changed in the department A as the business processes are going on.

When you use a cloud-based hotel management system, every department gets the real-time data from the database as soon as it is entered. It can improve the efficiency of your team and streamline the business operations.

Increase Revenue through Online Inventory Distribution using the Channel Manager

Now you can connect your booking engine with popular online travel agencies and receive booking via them. It helps you attract more booking even if you don’t have better visibility on the internet. It ensures that you will have a constant flow of guests and revenue.

You can distribute your inventory among the online travel agencies and global distribution system of travel agencies. It increases your reach and helps you to get more booking. This is a great way to help your target customers find you.

You can update the rate of rooms distributed through each individual channels. You can even run special campaigns in particular channels with special tariffs to attract more customers. The reservation you get through these channels will be updated on your booking engine instantly. Therefore, your calculation will never go wrong again.

You can also set a minimum threshold for your rate so that your rate will not be lowered beyond a limit when the third parties update the rates.

Hotels utilized the channel distribution tools certify that they have experienced a significant hike in their revenue after receiving reservations via third-parties.

Enhance Your Guest Experience with Feedback Management

The feedback management module will help you collect feedback from your guests and analyze them to know their experience. You can let your guests fill in the customized questionnaire to share their feedback about their experience in your hotel. This will help you improve your service and provide the best guest experience for your guests.

The Feedback Management module will also analyze the data and provide reports. Apart from that, low-star feedbacks from your guests will be shared with staff immediately so that you can take immediate actions to resolve issues.

Customer Relationship Management Made Easy

You can create a database of your guests using the Profile Management module to improve your customer relationship management. Keeping the information about the preferences and dislikes of the guests will help you impart better experience next time.

You can also send automated emails to your customers about new offers or new events in your area. The Feedback Management module will also analyze the data and provide reports. Apart from that, low-star feedbacks from your guests will be shared with staff immediately so that you can take immediate actions to resolve issues.

Generate Reports with a Few Clicks

Now you don’t have to spend days going through different files and analyze them to create a report. You can generate all kinds of reports with few clicks. The system will retrieve the required data from the database, analyze them for you and create a report for you in a fraction of second.

It considerably reduces the amount of time and efforts you need to put. It means the operational cost of your hotel or chain of hotels can be significantly reduced using this robust hotel management software.

You can also configure the system to email you various reports at regular interval automatically.

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